We are a group of independent professionals who formed Washington Collaborative Divorce because we believe that the principles of collaborative divorce and interest-based mediation offer the best solutions for nearly every divorcing couple -- no matter the level of conflict, the budget for professional fees, the value of the family's assets, or the ages of the children.

We are committed to the following values:

  • Avoiding court to minimize the adversarial effect of the judicial system.
  • Managing legal fees to preserve as many assets as possible, to support your financial goals for the future.
  • Providing comprehensive support for divorcing couples, including neutral financial analysis and planning, co-parenting support, and legal advice.
  • Maintaining connections with (and offering referrals to) top-notch experts -- from vocational advisers and mental health professionals to mortgage brokers and CPAs -- to meet divorcing couples' wide range of needs.
  • Holding high standards of professional excellence through an exclusive focus on divorce law.
  • Exceeding industry standard requirements for continuing education, in areas focused on our clients' needs: alternative dispute resolution, family law updates, the neurobiology of conflict, and other cutting-edge topics.
  • Dedication to continual streamlining of our forms and process, with the primary goal of helping you to have a good and efficient divorce.

To learn more about Washington Collaborative Divorce, contact one of our affiliated lawyers for a consultation  or complete the inquiry form on this website.  To learn more about our professionals, click any photo below to link to each practice's website and each professional's biography. 

Sarah Sannes, JD


Kitsap & Jefferson Counties

(360) 598-3790

Melissa Shields Storch, JD

King & Kitsap Counties

(425) 941-5936

John Twitchell, CDFA


King County

(206) 953-1231

Kerry Grant, LMFTA

Kitsap & King Counties

(206) 866-8315

Leigh Noffsinger, JD


King & Kitsap Counties

(206) 465-3047

Gwen Mathewson, JD

King & Kitsap & Jefferson Counties

(206) 447-4348

Kelly Deis, MBA, CDFA

Kitsap & Jefferson & King Counties

(206) 842-4922

Frieda Fenn, MA, LMFT, CMHS


Jefferson & Kitsap Counties

(360) 390-8337

Kirsten Hytopoulos, JD


King & Kitsap & Jefferson Counties

(206) 842-4030

Sara Wahl, JD


King & Kitsap Counties

(206) 753-7390