Divorce is never easy. Stories of protracted court battles, sky-high legal bills, and decades of bad feelings between ex-spouses abound. But there are better options. Even high-conflict couples can reach financial settlements and parenting plans that meet the unique needs of their families -- without the financial and emotional costs of court intervention.

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Your professionals will define your divorce experience.

As couples navigate the uncharted waters of divorce, attorneys often serve as the primary sources of legal guidance and perspective on what is “normal, reasonable and fair.” For that reason, choosing a lawyer can be the most important initial decision you will make in your divorce process.  An aggressive litigator can quickly escalate any conflict and convert your spouse into the enemy, resulting in unnecessary legal fees and lasting collateral damage.  

We are independent professionals who specialize in good divorce.  Even if you feel angry or betrayed, fear what your financial future might hold, or disagree with your spouse about custody or support, we can help you have a good divorce. Collaborative Divorce provides a structured process and specially trained lawyers to keep spouses out of court and in control of their family's future.

You can have your needs met, without a fight.

Rather than rushing to the courthouse each time a conflict arises, we focus on empowering clients to explore creative options and seek solutions that meet both spouses' needs. Washington Collaborative Divorce Options is an organization of independent professionals -- attorneys, financial analysts, and mental health professionals -- committed to providing holistic support to enable couples to have a respectful and discrete divorce process, tailored to each family’s unique values and concerns.  

We also focus on providing the appropriate level of professional services for your needs and goals. A retired couple on a fixed income has one set of concerns. A family with a stay-at-home parent and four young children has others. Because different families need different levels of legal, financial, parenting, and emotional support, we offer a full spectrum of divorce process options.